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Lenten greetings!

Maybe you are aware of the fact that this summer we are celebrating our 50th anniversary as a brotherhood. Well, technically that was last year, but the plans of many men and mice had to be postponed. So we will be celebrating a year late, but in style.

The most significant event of our anniversary year will be a “Solemn Assembly”, i.e. the bringing together of all the committed brothers from across the world. This is a first, since the whole brotherhood has not been together since it became international. You can imagine that all of us are excited to be together with brothers we have not seen for years, whom we possibly even never met.

But we want to “spread the wealth” and celebrate with all our friends in North America. We will have an Anniversary Celebration in Dexter, Michigan, and all the brothers will be present. So you too can spend time with long-lost friends from many years ago.

More details will follow in due time, but for now we want to ask you to save the date referred in the photo above. Please join us in praying for what promises to be a very significant event in our life as Servants of the Word.

May God bless the remainder of your Lenten season!

For questions, please ask Stan Mathay at

In Christ,

Martin A. Steinbereithner
Director of Communication and Development

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