Off to Mexico

Miguel Vargas, who lived for two years in Ann Arbor, is moving on to Mexico. Listen to this short interview about his time in the US and what awaits him.

Child Protection

If you have any concerns about any Servant of the Word brother or about child protection issues related to a brother, please contact the Child Protection Officer at (734) 475-3550 ext. 250 or [...]

Easter Season Readings 2020

If you need something apart from an Easter egg hunt to celebrate this season, we’ve got you covered: enclosed the daily Scripture passages the brothers will be using this year. Click here to download.

Good Friday

With all of us celebrating Good Friday in lockdown, here is a Good Friday talk our brother Dan Keating gave in 2017 which you might find helpful.

Child Protection Policy

This Child Protection Policy applies internationally to all of our brothers wherever they are living or serving, and it is written with this international application in view. If you would like [...]

Being Happy at Work

Mexican elder David Mijares shares about a new venture of him and other brothers helping businesses and their employees find happiness in their workplace. You can also download this podcast by [...]

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