All the brothers in the Servants of the Word live “single for the Lord” i.e. we have chosen radical singleness, not as a temporary state, but as a lifelong choice. There are many reasons for such a step. We want to imitate Jesus who did not marry either, and we want to make him and his kingdom the only thing we value, “our treasure”, and put aside everything else which would capture our imagination, our affections or our time.

We do so not because we do not value marriage and family life. In fact we greatly appreciate families and children, and our life within the Sword of the Spirit allows for frequent interaction with them. But we gladly sacrifice this good thing for a greater good, God himself.

The decision to remain single makes us more available to God and his service, and we seek to use this greater freedom to undertake tasks married people cannot do, or can do only with greater difficulty.

Our living “single for the Lord” also points to a day when there will be neither “marrying nor giving into marriage” (Matthew 22:30). In eternity, God himself will fulfill all of our desires and be all in all.

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