Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
The Servants of the Word have been joining in the "Week of Prayer for Christian Unity" for a while. Please join us this year from 18-25 January, and feel free to download and use our resources.
Christmas Celebration
For Christmas 2021, North American Regional Elder John Yocum spoke to the brothers on Hebrews 1.
Homeward Bound
Our brother Nico Angleys spoke to the Word of Life community on being “Homeward Bound”.
Scrolling and the Scroll
Our brother Joseph Mathias spoke to the North American brothers at our December 4th All-Brothers’ Lord’s Day. He spoke on “Scrolling and the Scroll”.
Lifelong Commitment Celebration
On Saturday September 11, we celebrated with many of our community members the commitment our brother Will Cannon made. Check out the photos to see if you can recognize anyone.
Lifelong Commitments
Thursday 2 September 2021, five men from different parts of the world are making their lifelong commitments to the Servants of the Word in Michigan. Please pray for them as they take this important step.
Interview with Nate Stoll
We interviewed Grand Rapids UCO staff worker Nate Stoll who spent a good part of the summer fundraising for his job; we asked him about his experience of needing to approach friends and family for his support.
Besorah, A New Book by Rabbi Mark Kinzer and Rabbi Russel Resnik
S/W alumnus Rabbi Mark Kinzer recently co-authored a book called “Besorah”. Martin Steinbereithner interviewed him and his co-author Rabbi Russell Resnik to find out why they published the book and what are some of their salient points. A very worthwhile interview to watch.
New Book by Dr. Dan Keating
Our brother Dan Keating wrote a book in collaboration with Gordon C. DeMarais. The book is entitled "Called to Christian Joy and Maturity".
Interview with Luis Arce
Luis Arce, our brother from Costa Rica, recently also graduated from Sacred Heart Seminary. We wanted to hear from him what he studied and what he wrote his thesis on. Enjoy!
  • ‘I thank God for the life and witness of the Servants of the Word, whose quiet, kind, humble and prayerful example in contemporary forms of monasticism continues to be such a blessing to so many people.’

    Pete Greig
    Pete Greig 24/7 Prayer Movement
  • "The Servants of the Word are one of the most dynamic new monastic movements in the worldwide Church. As a new student in London, they were one of the strongest spiritual influences in the growth of my own faith because of their openness and commitment to nurturing young vocations."

    The Venerable Roger Preece
    The Venerable Roger Preece Master of Royal Foundation of St Katharine
  • "The Servants of the Word is truly an authentic Ecumenical brotherhood. While living in community as brothers in Christ they, both Catholics and Protestants, adhere faithfully to the teachings and practices of their respective denominations."

    Fr. Thomas Weinandy O.F.M. Cap.
    Fr. Thomas Weinandy O.F.M. Cap.
  • "I have known Mark Whitters for many years as a friend and colleague, as we both teach in the Department of History and Philosophy at Eastern Michigan University.  Mark is outstanding in his dedication to teaching and mentoring students."

    Dr. Ronald K. Delph
    Dr. Ronald K. Delph Professor of History Eastern Michigan University
  • "The work ethic of the brothers is impeccable and a source of conviction in my own efforts.  More importantly however, they have shown a keen understanding of the importance of family life and our individual lives outside of the business itself."

    Dave Flanagan
    Dave Flanagan Employee Servant Systems Inc.
  • "These men have been so instrumental in many ways in building God's kingdom in this world. They have quietly touched thousands of lives, including my life and my family."

    Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith President of The Word Among Us
  • “I am delighted and honored to heartily endorse the dear brothers of the Servants of the Word and especially their very significant ministries with college students through University Christian Outreach. They build deeply meaningful relationships with many college students, invite them to know God personally, and help teach, shape and form them for lives of discipleship and service in God’s kingdom."

    Cal Jen
    Cal Jen Associate Professor Emeritus Calvin College Grand Rapids
  • "I have known Dr. Mark Whitters for approximately fifteen years. I have to come to know him as a teacher by visiting his class and found it exemplary.  I find him a meticulous scholar."

    Jiu-Hwa Lo Upshur
    Jiu-Hwa Lo Upshur Professor Emerita Department of History and Philosophy Eastern Michigan University
  • "Perhaps what I most value is how their prophetic call speaks a radical word of hope to a hungry generation."

    Paul Jordan
    Paul Jordan Director Kairos - Europe and Middle East
  • "The Servants of the Word are a sign of hope for the Christian people as they rediscover and breathe new life into the ancient gift of celibacy: men set apart for mission, service and prayer. I have known members of the Servants of the Word for over 40 years and they were instrumental in my own conversion journey."

    Dave Hughes
    Dave Hughes President The Sword of the Spirit North American Region

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