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Eternity Bound: Reflections on the Grace of Aging contains short meditations by our brother Mike Shaughnessy, recommended for anybody over 60. Here is a short description:

Eternity Bound | New Book By Mike Shaughnessy
Mike Shaughnessy

Being bound for eternal life is a great destiny. The process of getting there, especially the last miles of the journey can be quite a challenge, especially if you don’t “reflect ahead” about both the good and the bad that characterize the aging process.


This book is a set of short reflections for you as you wander through that process. In it you will find joy and sorrow in ways and at times unexpected. Why has God allowed me to go deaf, or to lose my mobility or memory or friends? Where is the grace in that? His answer may surprise you.


There is a quiet conversion that happens later in life that helps us face what is coming. The change is not instantaneous or dramatic. It is usually silent and sublime like a mid-winter sunset. You will feel more drawn to God. You will have time as you slow down and reflect more on life and death. Your thoughts will wander more easily toward prayer and contemplation.


In the grace of aging we are being wooed. The Holy Spirit is nudging our hearts and our minds in new, unanticipated and subtle ways as we age.


Evening has come. Allow God to sit down with you and offer you something warm to sip before you go to bed. He might just explain to you the profound mystery of being Eternity Bound.

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