In most places where we live, some of our brothers are working with young people. One key expression of this ministry is university outreach, which we have been pursuing for close to forty years, in places as varied as Grand Rapids (Michigan), Manila (Philippines) and Beirut (Lebanon). Together with other brothers and sisters, our brothers seek to reach students with the Gospel, often at universities where faith is hardly present. But their task does not end there: our brothers also build environments where young people, once interested in the Gospel, can grow and mature as disciples. This involves teaching, pastoral work, but also inviting some of those students to live with us. For many years brothers around the world have run summer households  with men from the university outreaches we work with.

Other brothers serve among high-school aged youth. Once again their ministry involves front-line evangelism in schools, youth clubs and after-school activities, as well as running discipleship programs where those young people can discover what the call of Christ means for them. Some of the young people our brothers work with come from vulnerable and difficult backgrounds.


This video showcases our work in the Philippines. The Servants of the Word brothers in the Philippines primarily work with young college students. They also serve the needy in the remote areas of the country.


  • "The Servants of the Word are one of the most dynamic new monastic movements in the worldwide Church. As a new student in London, they were one of the strongest spiritual influences in the growth of my own faith because of their openness and commitment to nurturing young vocations."

    The Venerable Roger Preece
    The Venerable Roger Preece Master of Royal Foundation of St Katharine
  • “I am delighted and honored to heartily endorse the dear brothers of the Servants of the Word and especially their very significant ministries with college students through University Christian Outreach. They build deeply meaningful relationships with many college students, invite them to know God personally, and help teach, shape and form them for lives of discipleship and service in God’s kingdom."

    Cal Jen
    Cal Jen Associate Professor Emeritus Calvin College Grand Rapids
  • "This brotherhood is a living testimonial to the intersection of academic and religion to social action. Its members: academics, artists, non-profit leaders focus their faith on the development and implementation of programs like YouthWorks which provides some of Detroit's most vulnerable and marginalized citizens a pathway to possibility."

    Jessica 'Decky' Alexander
    Jessica 'Decky' Alexander Professor, CMTA Director, Office of Academic Service-Learning EMU
  • "I honor you, brothers of the Servant of the Word, for devoting your lives in reaching out to the youth in their own arena, in universities and work places, giving these young people a viable option of living a life pleasing to God. Our youth today can be easily radicalized in many worldly ideas, but the Servants of the Word offer an alternative of being radical disciples of the Lord."

    Rogelio L. Singson
    Rogelio L. Singson Secretary Department of Public Works and Highways Republic of the Philippines
  • "The brotherhood is deeply committed to helping others to have a better life. I have witnessed transformational change for the good in some of my students who have spent summers with members of their community. These students have retained these values and have gone on to becoming upstanding citizens within their communities."

    Ernestine Saunders
    Ernestine Saunders President and CEO Cornerstone Schools

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