From left to right: Jerome Orbe, Noel Delgadillo, Richard Perry, Luis Manuel Bravo, Stu Ferguson, Nico Angleys, Joseph Piquero, David Mijares, Ken Noecker, John Keating, Luis Arce, Dan Keating, Tadhg Lynch, Dave Quintana, John Yocum, Andy Pettman

The Servants of the Word are governed by a body of elders who lead the brotherhood as a whole and who oversee the brothers in different regions. The assembly of elders is led by the presiding elder, currently Dave Quintana. The presiding elder is elected every four years by a brotherhood council.

There are also brotherhood stewards who participate in the leadership of the brotherhood, taking special concern for legal, financial and other practical matters.

The brotherhood is divided into four regions: Europe & Middle East, North America, Asia and Latin America. A regional elder leads each region, helped by other elders and a regional steward. The smallest unit is the household, where brothers live together in units anywhere from 3-15 men. Each household is led by a household head, assisted by a steward.

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(from left to right) Bruce Franson, Joseph Piquero, Dan Rinke, Richard Perry, Volodomir Bezulowsky, Fernando Ayala, Dick LaCroix, Stu Ferguson, Don DeSmith, Ted Kennedy

Presiding Elder


The Servants of the Word are a member community of The Sword of the Spirit, an international, ecumenical network of charismatic communities around the world. Like every member of SOS the brotherhood is subject to its international government. Every house that we live in is located within a local SOS community and is subject to the leadership of that community. Every four to six years each house of the brotherhood receives a visitation by leaders of SOS.SoS_Big 2

Many of our brothers are active in various communities or outreaches across the world, often leading those organizations. Below is a selection of groups and organizations we are involved in:

The Servants of the Word are an ecumenical brotherhood (see Shared Faith). As such, we are members of our various churches while sharing our lives, praying together and working side by side for the advancement of God’s kingdom. We are not under the governance of one particular church or denomination, but we aim to maintain close relationships with all of our church authorities concerned.


  • "The Servants of the Word are a sign of hope for the Christian people as they rediscover and breathe new life into the ancient gift of celibacy: men set apart for mission, service and prayer. I have known members of the Servants of the Word for over 40 years and they were instrumental in my own conversion journey."

    Dave Hughes
    Dave Hughes President The Sword of the Spirit North American Region
  • "Why “The Servants of the Word”, a new Brotherhood of lay celibate men dedicated to live as radical disciples of the Lord and to serve as missionaries? Because they are one of the eloquent answers of the Holy Spirit to the modern challenges facing the Christian people."

    Jean Barbara
    Jean Barbara President The Sword of the Spirit

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