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Dear Friends and Family,

A very blessed and prosperous 2020 to all of you! The year 2019 is now behind us, with all of its blessings and also with some special challenges – thank you for your ongoing support, encouragement and prayers.

With this newsletter you will hopefully be inspired, as I am, by what God is doing in and through our brothers in Mexico. For many years we have had a large household of Servants of the Word brothers in Monterrey, serving in a wide variety of ways. Most of our brothers work with young people – either university or high school students – and God has greatly blessed their work, both in Monterrey and beyond. At present we have three Servants of the Word brothers living in a one-year, temporary household in Mexicali, Mexico, serving our Sword of the Spirit community there and its outreaches. For the next academic year, starting in September, we will have three Servants of the Word brothers living in Xalapa, Mexico. Both of these households are ways for us to serve our local communities and to encourage more men to seriously consider being part of the Servants of the Word.

This is all with a hope to soon establish a second Servants of the Word permanent household in Mexico.

You will likely remember that a number of years ago we established a household in San Jose, Costa Rica, and you will also likely know that next year we will establish a mission household in Beirut, Lebanon. All that is to say that God is giving us new opportunities and opening new doors, and we seek to serve him as best we can.

We are also putting plans in place for how to celebrate in late August 2021 our 50th anniversary as Servants of the Word. Our intention is to call a “solemn assembly” and to gather all of our committed brothers in the Servants of the Word from around the world to come together for the first time since our very early days. It will be a time for giving thanks, sharing vision, spending time together as brothers (with some brothers meeting each other for the first time!) and offering ourselves anew for all that God has in store for us. We are grateful to God for these past 50 years and are eager to build foundations for the next 50.

We thank you again for your prayer and support and we pray that 2020 be a year filled with the Lord’s grace and blessing for you all.

Your brother in Christ,

David Quintana (Q)

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