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The Servants of the Word Have Elected David Mijares as their Next Presiding Elder

We are pleased to announce that our Servants of the Word Council, which meets every four years, has elected David Mijares as our next Presiding Elder. David will take over from Dave Quintana next summer after a period of transition. Dave has served in this role since 2019.

David is a very gifted leader, and we are confident that he will lead us forward with vision and ability in these times of both challenge and opportunity.

Please pray for him as he prepares to take office next year, for the upcoming time of transition and for the whole brotherhood.

David Mijares was born in Monterrey, Mexico in 1961. After High School, he studied at the Technologico of Monterrey, graduating with a degree in Computer and Electronic Engineering. It was during that time that he got involved in Jësed, the Sword of the Spirit community in Monterrey. In 1984, he joined the Servants of the Word, making his lifelong commitment in 1988. He lived with other brothers in Michigan and Costa Rica for a few years before returning to Monterrey, Mexico in 1990.

Since then, David has served in various capacities both in the Sword of the Spirit and in the Servants of the Word. He worked for many years with university-aged youth, helping to establish a campus outreach in Monterrey, leading the Sword of the Spirit’s Regional Youth Program in Latin America and starting “La Brecha”, a Gap program for young people after high school and university. For the last thirty years, he has been a coordinator, first in Jésed, his local community, then regionally, working with a number of communities in Mexico and beyond and finally as vice-president of the Sword of the Spirit’s Ibero-American Region. Since 2016, he has also been member of the International Executive Committee of the Sword of the Spirit.f

In 1990, along with other brothers, David helped establish a brotherhood household in Monterrey and another one in Costa Rica in 2016. For the past fourteen years, he has also been the Servants of the Word Regional Elder in Latin America. In all these roles David has inspired many young men to make radical decisions in following the Lord and to consider living single for the Lord.

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