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The Strategic Grandparent

How can you reach your grandchildren and impart faith to them? You are not alone in this question, and author Michael Shaughnessy wants to give you a proven plan for doing just that. Applying the principles of youth work, The Strategic Grandparent gives you a step-by-step plan for connecting with your grandchildren, engaging them, and making a lasting impact in their lives. You have an important role to play in God’s plan for your grandchildren take the first step today!

A Concise Catholic Cathechism

A much shorter version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church–in simple language with technical terms explained for the lay reader. This book is a handy reference for personal use and can serve as a helpful tool for parents who seek to instruct their children in the faith.

The Passover Sacrifice

Joseph of Arimathea was a disciple of Jesus and a member of the Sanhedrin. Those two roles collided at the trial of Jesus. Over the next twenty-four hours he had to make the most important decision of his life. This is an account of that decision and the consequences it had.

The Red Madonna

An examination of clergy sex-abuse scandal through the fictious account of Fr. Michael Reilly. The first of three (planned) books in a series. Michael Shaughnessy is a member of the Servants of the Word, an ecumenical brotherhood of celibate men in the Sword of the Spirit.

Becoming Transgenerational and Kairos--for such a Time as This (with Jerry Munk)

Transgenerational: Can (and should) members of the Sword of the Spirit try to pass the gift of christian community from one generation to the next? A frank discussion of what works and what does not.
Kairos: The Kairos director for North America outlines the history, goals, and vision for Kairos, the Sword of the Spirit’s outreach to youth and young adults.

The Archangel of Westminister

An American finds himself by mistake in Westminster Cathedral where he is shocked by an encounter with Michael the Archangel. He has been granted sole interview rights. Over the course of several days he interviews Michael and receives a first hand account of the great spiritual battle between Jesus and Satan: the fall from heaven, the temptation in the wilderness, the death and resurrection of the Messiah. Woven throughout the story is the page turning account of a young Irish woman engaged in an intense spiritual battle for her soul. Everything converges to a climax on Easter morning. The novel depicts the interactions of angels and demons in the course of everyday life and the dramatic battle that exists for every soul that has ever lived.

Mike Shaughnessy
Mike is a lifelong committed brother who lives in Lansing. He works full time for the Sword of the Spirit as the Kairos International Director and as a Regional Missionary Coordinator. He is also the founder of Grandly - Strategic Grandparenting, a non-profit that equips grandparents to pass on their faith to their grandchildren.
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