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Listen to this talk from the North American brothers’ Lord’s Day Celebration last Saturday, December 4th. You’ll hear Mike Shaughnessy cover the answers to these questions:

  • Can anyone really summarize the book of Ecclesiastes?
  • What was “Solomon’s Error” in Ecclesiastes?
  • Does God have a purpose to the emptiness, vanity, or loss of motivation that we experience from time-to-time?

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    Mike Shaughnessy
    Mike is a lifelong committed brother who lives in Lansing. He works full time for the Sword of the Spirit as the Kairos International Director and as a Regional Missionary Coordinator. He is also the founder of Grandly - Strategic Grandparenting, a non-profit that equips grandparents to pass on their faith to their grandchildren.
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    • Cindy Jackson

      I was reading Ecclesiastes 2 today and wondering myself if it was all worth it. Now I understand that the experience of emptiness is worthwhile in that it can drive us to God, if we cooperate.

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