Bruce, My Mentor and Friend

Interview with Daniel Calderon de Mezerville How did you meet Bruce? In 2008, I took a Gap Year in Belfast: I was 18 years old and needed to get my life on track. I met Bruce then, since he was [...]

Interview with Najwa Shebaya

When did you first meet Bruce? I first met him in the early 1970s when Peter [her husband] and I used to go on visits to Ann Arbor. He was already a key figure in that community. I am not sure we [...]

My Big Brother Tim

By Carrie Zahm I was 4 years old. It was a summer day. I was sitting alone in front of our home, playing contentedly. A half block away, Tim was walking toward the house, duffel bag slung over [...]

Bruce Yocum Obituary

Bruce Timothy Yocum, 73, died Friday 21 January in London, England. He was one of the pioneers and leaders of the Charismatic Renewal, of the covenant community movement, and of the “The [...]