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This past week, Stu Ferguson was appointed Senior Steward of the brotherhood, thus taking over the role which Bruce Franson had held for over twenty years. The Senior Steward oversees the administration of our property, possessions and finances and assists the Presiding Elder, especially in such administrative and legal matters. He also chairs the Stewards’ Council.

Stu Ferguson was born in August 1956 in Two Harbors, Minnesota. His father was a forester, working first in the commercial timber industry and then as a private consultant in forest management.  Stu’s mother worked for many years as a registered nurse serving both in surgery and direct patient care. Stu grew up with two brothers and two sisters. For more than
five years after graduating from high school, Stu worked in the mining industry throughout the western United States. Upon returning to Minnesota in 1979, Stu became involved with the brotherhood in Minneapolis. In January 1982, he moved to Ann Arbor to join the brothers there. 

Stu lived and worked in London, England for a total of six years for the periods 1983–1986 and 1988–1991. During that time he served in the local Sword of the Spirit community and established the Servants of the Word as a legal charity.  Upon returning to Michigan, Stu returned to college to obtain a degree in Human Resources. Both while living in London and during his years in Michigan, Stu served in various financial, administrative, and legal roles for the brotherhood.

For the past 17 years, Stu has been the international chief financial officer for the brotherhood which has involved annual visits to our houses in the UK, the Philippines and Mexico. Stu also supervises the practical and administrative service of the men who come to Michigan for two years of training in the brotherhood’s International Formation House.

We are very grateful for Stu’s service and pray for his new responsibilities.

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