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Do you ever struggle with your thoughts, with what goes through your head? Do you wish you had more control over your thought life? Who was Evagrius Ponticus and what wisdom does he have to offer on the subject? Listen to Nico Angleys speak about “Taking Every Thought Captive” and get answers to those and other questions.

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Nico Angleys - Taking Every Thought Captive

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Nico Angleys
Nico grew up in France, just outside Geneva, in the Alps. He made his lifelong commitment in 2003, whilst living in London. For 20+ years, he served our university mission in UCO. Since 2017, Nico leads the International Formation Program in Ann Arbor. In May 2012 he completed his Masters in Theology at Sacred Heart Seminary, writing his thesis on the Lord's Day. Part of his heart remains in the mountains, to which he returns as often as he can. He is an amateur photographer who dabbles in wildlife and macro photography.  These days he's known to break a sweat on his mountain bike on the trails of Michigan and at times get quite fascinated in obscure bird behavior observed in Ann Arbor.
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