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In lieu of posting a commentary on Sundays, we will post recent talks and other materials from our life.

Ted Kennedy III, long-time brother in the North American Region, speaks to a group on Ash Wednesday. He highlights three areas where God might want to lead us deeper in this season: prayer, brotherly relationships and simplicity.

An inspiring talk, full of personal examples.

Ted Kennedy - There Is So Much More

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Ted Kennedy
Ted is a lifelong committed brother who lives in Chelsea, Michigan (just west of Ann Arbor). He leads the household at Island Lake Road. He is the North American regional controller of the brotherhood, and still dabbles in software development whenever he gets a chance. For fun, he teaches brothers how to handle their finances well and has developed software to help them do that. Ted is featured in the article, Master of Intelligent Living from the May 2011 issue of the SW Newsletter.
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