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Listen to our brother Ed Conlin speak about life in the Holy Spirit. He gave this short talk at our Pentecost celebration in May 2010. You can listen to the talk below or click here to download.



Some highlights:

  • Ephesians 1:11-13 that we’re for the “praise of his glory.”
  • A quote from Origen about God being “wholly other.”
  • Short anecdotes about holy men.
Ed Conlin
Ed is a lifelong committed brother. He serves the homeless, the mentally ill, and addicts of Detroit. In his spare time, he loves worship and music.
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  • Marylin Flores

    Thank you for the wonderful talk on the Holy Spirit! It is very helpful and enlightening. I love the prayer: “Father, why not more?.” He for sure leads “where only Love can go…” Thanks again!

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