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The North American and Latino regions have established Review Boards as a crucial element of our Child Protection Process. The Asian region is in the process of doing so. The Servants of the Word in Europe and Middle East have a membership with thirtyone:eight to access safeguarding advice and support as well as consultancy services when needed.

The purpose and role of the Review Boards (for fuller information see Review Boards) is:

  • To advise the Servants of the Word on proper pastoral and/or disciplinary actions when allegations of abuse have been made against a SW member whether the member be current, former or deceased member.
  • To review Intervention Plans and Safety Plans that are in place for SW members.
  • To review and advise the SW on its child protection policy and the manner in which it is handling child protection matters.

The Review Board will be comprised of at least five members, all of whom are of high integrity and good judgment.

Review Board members will serve fiveyear terms.

Review Board members will meet at least once per year with the Regional Elder and regional Child Protection Officer. Meetings may be by conference call or video conference.

North America

Thomas Artz is the Review Board Chairperson. He may be reached at

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