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Testimony by David Dolsen

David is a graduate from the University of Michigan, currently serving on staff with University Christian Outreach.

David testifies about the impact of the brotherhood on him.

David testifies about the impact of the brotherhood on him.

About a year ago I landed in Manila, halfway around the world, for a mission year: I was very much out of my depth, yet with a clear realization that my closest relationship was with the Lord Jesus: a pretty remarkable realization. How did I get there?

It all started while I still was in Saline High School, only about 20 minutes south of here. I got involved in a group called “Ten for Men” and amongst ourselves we often spoke about how wanted to live a truly great life, and it was with that ideal that we graduated. For college, I found myself at the University of Michigan where I met a lot of people who were living for many things, but not for God.

Toward the end of my freshman year I joined University Christian Outreach and through it I got involved in a summer household program. I got to live with men like Nico Angleys, Joseph Matthias and Tadhg Lynch and very quickly I realized: “These are men who are actually doing this, really living all out for God.” As I got to know them better, I noticed that they were all living single for the Lord, which for me as a Lutheran was not something I had much of a category for.

But over time the question took hold of me: might this be what I am supposed to do with my life? Maybe I should consider this calling? So as a result I decided to spend a year in a brotherhood house in the Philippines, and now I am working with many of them on staff with UCO. I am very excited about where this journey is taking me, a journey toward true greatness.

David Dolsen
David Dolsen is an affiliate in training who was raised in a Lutheran family in Saline, Michigan. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Computer Science in 2015. After graduating, David spent a year in the Philippines reaching out to college students with Christ's Youth in Action. David moved back to Ann Arbor in 2016 where he is currently working with University Christian Outreach.
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