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Our brothers from the household in London, England created a video that shows the life of The Servants of the Word. The video includes shots of daily life and interviews with Martin Steinbereithner, Philip Morrison, and Richard Perry.

Watch the video here or catch it over at Kairos Media.

Andy Pettman
Andy is a lifelong committed brother who lives in London. Currently his work includes leading the Antioch Community as senior coordinator, supervising UCO London (Koinonia), leading the SW household in London, and developing some of our Protestant connections. Andy grew up in Guildford, England and made contact with the Servants of the Word via UCO when he came to London to study. As a brother Andy worked for BP and then for a small consulting company for a total of 19 years, whilst leading youth work as a volunteer, before beginning full time ministry in 2006. Andy is an Anglican and he is passionately committed to the ecumenical aspect of the Servants of the Word life.
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  • Wilson Mendez C

    Blessed be God! My brothers go ahead with encouragement… God protect and bless.
    United in prayer.

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