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Regarding James Wallace (Jamie) Treadwell

December 15, 2019

James Wallace (Jamie) Treadwell’s membership in The Servants of the Word has been terminated. At his request, Jamie began a formal process of termination in early November 2019.  The request for termination was granted and became effective on December 15, 2019.  Jamie has been a member since September 1987.

His termination of membership follows a period beginning in early October 2016, when two families in Michigan raised serious concerns about Jamie with local police, alleging inappropriate relating to and/or touching their minor daughters.  Jamie denied the allegations. Police investigated both complaints and no charges were filed.  Just recently, previously unreported concerns of a similar nature, from prior to September 2016, were reported and have been brought to appropriate child protection agencies for their review.

Upon hearing of the allegations from 2016, we reached out to those who may have been harmed in order to listen and respond to them.  The Servants of the Word immediately applied certain precautionary measures, requiring that Jamie have no contact with minors outside his own family. To the best of our knowledge, Jamie has complied with these restrictions since that time.  As part of our response, we also convened an independent panel of advisors that included mental health and child protection experts to review our actions and to offer advice on the best way to proceed, and we have followed their counsel to the best of our abilities.

The Servants of the Word sincerely regret the distress which has been caused. The safeguarding of children is an overarching priority in our mission and programs. As a brotherhood of celibate men living in the midst of families, we know the importance of the trust placed in us and we recognize that in this case, that trust was damaged.

If you have any questions, concerns or information you would like to convey, please contact Stuart Ferguson at

Please join us in prayer for those who experience pain and suffering in the midst of this situation.

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