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Dale Arconado (Philippines), Joe Fahd (Lebanon) and Noel Delgadillo (USA) made their lifelong commitments to the brotherhood today in Detroit, during the yearly gathering of the Servants of the Word.

Noel Delgadillo, Dale Arconado, Joe Fahd
Joe Fahd was born near Beirut (Lebanon) in 1986 and grew up in the People of God community there. After high-school he studied biology, with a view toward becoming a medical doctor like his father. Upon getting interested in the celibate life he changed career tracks and started serving in our university outreach, first in Lebanon, and then in London, England, where he moved to in 2007. He survived a potentially life-threatening accident in 2009, but is now fully recovered. That same year Joe went to Ann Arbor (Michigan, USA for further training in the international formation house, and returned to Europe in 2011. He leads Koinonia, the local Sword of the Spirit student ministry in London.

Noel Delgadillo was born in Miami, Florida in 1984 to Nicaraguan parents. His family was one of the founders of Nueva Jerusalen, a Sword of the Spirit community in Florida. After a successful high-school running career and studying Liberal Arts at the University of Florida International Noel decided to do a year of service in Belfast (Northern Ireland) where he became an affiliate to the Servants of the Word. He spent a further two years in Ireland, before moving to Ann Arbor (Michigan). In 2011 Noel went to Grand Rapids (Michigan) to be part of a new community outreach there. All these years he has served in youth work and student ministry.

Dale Arconado is from Abra in the Philippines. He was born in 1981 and moved to Manila for schooling, eventually graduating from Lasalle University with a degree in Business Administration. Manila is also where Dale met the Servants of the Word. He was active in Christ’s Youth in Action, the local student ministry for a couple of years, before moving to Ann Arbor (Michigan) in 2009 to join the International Formation House. He returned to Manila in 2011 and has since served there as a steward of one of our houses, and in helping with our high-school and university programmes. Dale is also a very keen chess player.

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  • sergio fierro

    Congratulations. You are grand examples for all youth of the Sword of the Spirit. Be saints please for the glory of God.

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