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From 27 to 29 August of last year, the Brotherhood Council met in Holly, Michigan. Thirty-one delegates met to review the life of the brotherhood, take up constitutional matters, and elect a new presiding elder. These meetings, which take place at least every four years, are mandated by our statutes and assure that in regular intervals this body gathers and exercises its supervisory function.

This time, a significant amount of time was taken up with reviewing pastoral care and relationships among brothers: a survey had been taken from all the brothers, and its results formed the basis of the deliberations and of the recommendations passed on to the presiding elder.

As always, there was time to seek the Lord and to pray for direction as a whole brotherhood. Some changes in our statues and bylaws had to be approved, and the council received a report from the presiding elder on “the state of the union”.

Finally the council undertook the solemn task of electing a successor to Ken Noecker who, having served two 4-year terms as presiding elder, was no longer eligible for re-election.

We do not take for granted the unity and harmony experienced during those three days of meetings, and thank all our friends who held us up in prayer!

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