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It is with deep sadness that we inform you that our dear brother Bruce Yocum passed away unexpectedly on Friday 21 January 2022 in London. Bruce was one of the original five brothers who started the Servants of the Word brotherhood and a key figure of our covenant community movement, which he served his whole adult life, in writing, teaching, prophetic ministry, and many roles of leadership.

From 1989-2003 he also served as our Presiding Elder of the Servants of the Word. Since 2003, Bruce has been living in the UK with some time in Mexico. He has had a profound impact on many individuals and groups both within the Sword of the Spirit and beyond.

Bruce will eventually be buried in Michigan, but it will take a while before arrangements can be made. Once details of services in the UK and the US are clear, we will let you know. We will soon be arranging for an online memory book where you will be able to share thoughts, memories and condolence messages.

Please pray for all who mourn this loss: Bruce’s family including his brother John, who serves as an elder for the brotherhood; for his household in London, for the whole brotherhood and for all his friends throughout the world.

You can also find Bruce’s obituary by clicking on this link.

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