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Two of our brothers had a chance to review the book “Redeeming Singleness” by our friend, Barry Danylak. Here is the short review, included in the front flap of the book, by our founder, Steve Clark:

Barry Danylak’s book on singleness is now the most thorough and helpful book on the subject. He treats directly the main difficulty in grasping the new covenant view – the strong Old Testament emphasis on procreation and its importance for establishing and carrying forward the old-covenant people. The change in the nature of the blessing of God for the human race that comes with the new covenant is the key new perspective for understanding Christian singleness, a perspective too often missed in discussions of singleness and voluntary celibacy in the Christian life. Danylak’s careful exegesis sustains his overarching view well.

Our brother Dan Keating also wrote a more extensive review, included in the October 2010 issue of “Living Bulwark” An excerpt of his review is featured on the back cover of the book:

The book is available from the publisher, Crossway Books and

Dan Keating
Dan currently leads our house at our Brotherhood Center in Chelsea, Michigan. He continues to serve as a professor of theology at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit, Michigan, where he teaches on Scripture, the Church Fathers, evangelization, and ecumenism.
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