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George Nicolas Maurice Angleys – whom many know as Nico – is a brother richly blessed with many names and even more talents. Nico has an exciting history. Born in Geneva, Switzerland, he spent some years as a toddler in Saudi Arabia but soon settled into a more picturesque life in France near the Swiss border and his beloved Alps. The first son of a French father and American mother, he decided to cross the ocean and do his university studies in the States at the University of Michigan. Four years of study earned Nico a degree in Aerospace Engineering and the right to say, “Why yes, I am a rocket scientist.”

Nico Angleys

It was while he was at U-M that Nico’s connection with The Servants of the Word began. Early in his studies he deeply committed himself to the work the Lord was about in and through University Christian Outreach (UCO). Within UCO Nico had the chance to develop friendships with several of The Servants of the Word and other young men thinking about the possibility of living single for the Lord. Nico responded to the call that the Lord put on his heart humbly and generously, eventually making his lifelong commitment with The Servants of the Word in the fall of 2003.

After graduating Nico put aside pursuing rocket missions to the stars for a heavenly mission here on Earth. Stepping into the gap after one year on staff, he accepted leadership of the UCO chapter in Ann Arbor ten years ago. And so our rocket scientist-turned-evangelist dedicated himself to helping students come to know the truth of Jesus Christ and Christ’s desire for relationship with them.

Campus outreach is not easy amid often apathetic and definitely besieged students. For the past ten years, both in Michigan and in London, Nico has been on the front lines of this work. Where lies and misunderstanding about God and Christ abound, Nico boldly speaks words of truth and life. When students struggle with feelings of isolation, depression, and lack of support, Nico is a steadfast friend and reliable support to many. His life is both a challenge and a question mark: Why is he here? Where does his joy come from?

Currently Nico is working regionally with UCO, helping to support chapters or potential chapters in about ten locations throughout the United States and Canada. His wisdom and experience are a great asset in developing the effectiveness and breadth of UCO work. He also has a signifi cant role in the brotherhood, modeling a welllived single for the Lord life and challenging young men to consider seriously whether the Lord might be calling them, too, to this way of life. In addition, since he abounds with energy, Nico is pursuing a graduate degree in theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. When taking a break, you might find Nico enjoying ultimate frisbee, amateur stargazing, a good game of chess, or cooking a fine meal. He’s the most called upon chef for our brotherhood celebrations, and with good reason!

Nico’s gifts and talents are many, but ultimately, it’s by relying upon the strength of God and a dynamic relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that he lives in such a remarkably balanced way. Nico is pursuing heaven – and along the way he’s helping many of us to do the same.

– Brian Laba

This article is from our Fall 2007 Newsletter: View Entire Newsletter (requires Acrobat Reader)

Brian Laba
Brian made his lifelong commitment in 2009. He lives in Ann Arbor where he is working as a mental health counselor at Crossroads Counseling where his specialty is working with university students. He moved to Ann Arbor in 2020 after spending the previous decade doing campus mission work, community building, and getting a master's in counseling in Grand Rapids . He was born and raised in Rochester Hills, Michigan, has three lovely sisters, and attended the University of Michigan where he studied ecology and first met the brothers.
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