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Joseph Mathias of the Servants of the Word has produced a new album of some of his songs. Together with some friends, he has recorded the following songs:

  1. The Light Shines in the Darkness
  2. Praise the Lord, All Nations
  3. I Will Give Thanks
  4. O the Depth of the Riches
  5. For the Lord, He Reigns
  6. He Is Lord of All Creation
  7. Living Sacrifice
  8. All the Ends of the Earth
  9. Your Glorious Grace
  10. All Nature Is Travailing
  11. Let Us Hope
  12. Psalm 117

Purchase the album

The album is currently available digitally through bandcamp.

Joseph Mathias
Joseph is a lifelong committed brother who serves in University Christian Outreach in Lansing. He graduated from the University of Michigan and has completed a Master's in Theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. He's also the local bard who has written inspired songs of worship commonly sung within our circles.
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