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Catherine Street’s most virtuous residents

This Michigan Daily article by staff writer Anne Vandermey tells about the life of the brothers living at the Catherine Street house in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. John Hughes, affiliate to the brotherhood at the time, and Brian Laba, now a lifelong committed brother, are quoted in the article, published in the print edition November 14th, 2007, and now found at: (look below the article about the bar bouncer)

PDF Capture of the Blog Post: [PDF 471 KB]

About The Michigan Daily: the campus newspaper of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. The student-run paper is published Monday through Friday during the fall and winter terms.

Brian LaLonde
Brian, originally from Essexville, Michigan and a University of Michigan graduate, made his lifelong commitment to The Servants of the Word in September, 2009. He served as mission director for University Christian Outreach in Lansing, MI from 2006-2012. Currently, he does computer programming with Servant Systems. You'll find him on wilderness adventures in the summer while leading the middle-school ministry Kairos Fellowship. He's also Webmaster for a number of websites, including
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