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Today at their Brotherhood Council held in Holly, Michigan, the Servants of the Word elected Dave Quintana as their new Presiding Elder. Dave will take his new office in August of 2019.

Dave was born on May 15, 1959 in Santa Barbara, California as the older of two children. Growing up, he lived in Germany, California, Michigan and New Mexico. Dave attended the University of Michigan where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

Dave first came into contact with the Servants of the Word in 1977 as a freshman at the University of Michigan as he got involved in our university outreach and the local Sword of the Spirit community there. He made his lifelong commitment in 1986.

Currently Dave is serving as Regional Elder for the brothers in Europe and the Middle East, as Regional President for the European/Middle East region of the Sword of the Spirit, and as Chair of Trustees for Youth Initiatives, our youth work in Northern Ireland.

Ken Noecker, our current Presiding Elder, will continue in his position through August 2019 at which point Dave will take over; the coming year will be a period of working together and transitioning the role to Dave.

Please join us in thanking God for providing good men to lead us, and in praying for Dave as he prepares to take up his new role.

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