In Daily Scripture Meditations

During the Easter Season – the fifty days between Easter and Pentecost – the brothers will be meditating on Scripture passages related to the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. If you’d like to join us in these meditations, click here to download the list of passages we’ll be using. These passages will primarily come from 1 Peter, Revelation, and 1 John. Happy Easter!

Martin Steinbereithner
Dr. Martin Steinbereithner is Viennese, currently residing in Chelsea, Michigan (USA). He is the director of Communications and Development for the Servants of the Word. Previously he worked for twenty years in campus ministry in North America, Lebanon and England and for over the last ten years with Christian communities in the Middle East, Poland, Russia, Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, the UK and Africa. Martin holds a doctorate in organizational behavior and non-profit management. He is a research associate of the Nonprofit Research Group at the Vienna University of Business and Economics and consults with various faith-based non-profit organizations. Check out his podcast channels: Words That Change You and Dâbâr
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