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James, First, Second, and Third John (Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture)
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In this addition to the successful Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, two respected scholars and Bible teachers interpret James and First, Second, and Third John from within the living tradition of the Church. The commentary provides crisp explanations of the text with helpful sidebars and ideas for application to enrich preaching, group Bible study, and personal reflection. This volume presents excellent biblical scholarship in a format accessible to laypeople with no special training in biblical studies.

Deification and Grace

The doctrine of deification came under challenge during the Reformation. Likewise, Orthodox Christians have sometimes charged that Roman Catholic teachings on deification lack coherence.

The Appropriation of the Divine Life in Cyril of Alexandria

Cyril of Alexandria (d.444) was one of the architects of Christian orthodoxy. Daniel A. Keating presents a comprehensive account of Cyril’s narrative of salvation. He offers a corrective to certain readings of Cyril and argues that Cyril presents a balanced picture of our union with Christ. The final chapter compares Cyril with Theodore of Mopsuestia, Augustine, and Leo the Great, in order to examine in brief the relationship between Eastern and Western accounts of salvation.

The Theology of St. Cyril of Alexandria (co-editor with Thomas Weinandy)

There is no book in English that treats the whole of Cyril’s theological thought. In the past scholars have normally focused on Cyril’s Christology and left largely unexamined the remainder of his theological thought. Thus the English-speaking scholarly community has never fully appreciated the breadth, the depth and the immense significance of Cyril’s theology. This book is therefore unique. The editors have brought together many of the foremost experts on Cyril. This international team examines all the major facets of his theology, and here for the first time reveals the theology of Cyril of Alexandria as a magisterial whole.

St. Thomas Aquinas: Commentary on the Gospel of John (co-editor with Matthew Levering)
Commentary John

No description available.

First and Second Peter, Jude

This book comes from the series: Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, published by Baker Academic. Dr. Daniel Keating is a teacher and leader in the Sword of the Spirit. He has produced a clearly written commentary on the Bible books of First and Second Peter and Jude in which he integrates his exegetical insights with Catholic tradition and teaching. A valuable resource for those wishing to explore and better understand these important books.

St. Thomas Aquinas: Commentary on Colossians (translated by Fabian Larcher)
Aquinas Colossians

St. Thomas Aquinas’s biblical commentaries have been somewhat neglected. Similarly, many readers of the Bible do not spend much time with Colosians. This pearl of a Commentary should assist not only in renewing interest in Aquinas’s exegetical insights, but also in deepening our appreciation of the richness of the Epistle to the Colossians.

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