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In some of our communities we find ample opportunity to work with the poor. While this is not our main ministry, it still reflects God’s desire to reach those most vulnerable and despised. Many of our youth programmes involve trips to locations where we can assist the poor materially, such as Kairos Mission Trips. Some other ministries work more consistently with the poor, such as Detroit Community Outreach and Tahanan Ng Panginoon in the Philippines.
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Works of Mercy
Ed Conlin is a lifelong committed brother who works as a chaplain for the Capuchin order in their Franciscan ministry to the poor. He serves the homeless, the mentally ill, and addicted of Detroit.
Works of Mercy
  • "Four of my children have gone on mission trips led by one of the brothers, Mike Kramer, where they have witnessed true care for the poor."

    Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith President of The Word Among Us
  • "Through the years the work has grown to strengthening families through evangelization, bringing hope and healing to the homeless, and building relationships among churches across denominational lines. I thank God for the friendship of these brothers and for their quiet but powerful impact in our city."

    Archbishop Michael Byrnes
    Archbishop Michael Byrnes Coadjutor Archbishop of Agaña, Guam

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